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June 3, 2013 in things built

My friend’s son is a native New Yorker.  About two years ago, I was visiting and staying with my friend and her family in New York.  At that time, her son was seven or eight.  One evening after dinner, he was darting here and there, gathering toys and things:  a monkey with close-set, beady eyes, wearing a red tee shirt; a much smaller monkey with super-long arms, wearing a tiny “I love New York” tee shirt; a dinosaur with a metallic-patterned coat; an aqua plastic sword; a coffee mug filled with coins; and a bunch of bananas.  Once he had everything gathered at the end of a hall, he carefully arranged them.  The big monkey sat on the floor, his back against the wall.  The little monkey had his arms wrapped around big monkey’s neck.  The dinosaur lay across big monkey’s lap.  The sword rested on top of the dinosaur.  Next to this threesome were the coffee mug of coins and the bananas.  I asked him what the animals were doing.  His answer:  the friends were on the street, begging for money.  Big monkey was protecting them all.  For something to eat, they had bananas.


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