june gloom

June 9, 2013 in nature, seascape, surfing

It’s June.  We’ve officially entered the season of June Gloom.  I knew nothing about June Gloom, until I moved to southern California.  It’s a local weather pattern that starts in late spring and can last through the summer.  During this time, the coastal areas in southern California start off the day with overcast skies.  On most days, late in the morning or sometime in the afternoon, the cloud cover burns off.  Every now and then, it’s overcast all day.  Sometimes the flat, gray skies will linger for days.  This weather usually occurs throughout the entire month of June – so the name June Gloom.

For the most part, I like June Gloom.  It’s easy on the eyes.  The light is not harsh.  Out on the ocean, there is no glare.  The overcast conditions keep the temperatures down.  Sometimes though, the expanse of drab grayness gets a little old.  Every now and then, I’ll feel a bit of the June Gloom blues, the southern counterpart of the February Blues in the North.  When June Gloom ends, I realize that I missed seeing how the morning light changes the sea and the sky.

Here are a few photos that will hopefully pick you up if you’re experiencing the June Gloom blues.  They were taken while I was checking out the surf (not during June Gloom).  I like going out into the ocean, being absorbed into something immense and looking at conditions that are always changing.  For all surfers, I wish you a summer of fun, glassy waves.  There is light at the end of June Gloom.



sea clouds v01



sea clouds v02-1



sea clouds v04


sea clouds v05